Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management

SAGE Foundation is the CSR arm of Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management, (TSCFM) which is part of a global network of 500 Colleges and 75 Top Universities. The network provides internationally recognized MBAs and Management Diplomas to more than 50,000 students annually in 56 countries around the world. These qualifications are recognized in 120 countries around the world, including the UK, USA, Singapore, Dubai and India. TSCFM believes in equity in education and focuses on building heart centric business leaders. With this objective in mind, it works through SAGE Foundation in slums and villages, and nurtures other charities supported by SAGE… Read more

Patt Foundation

Interested in CSR for your Company? SAGE Foundation has partnered with Patt Foundation for tree plantations in India. PATT has years of experience in providing corporate social responsibility programs to companies who wish to either offset carbons, or simply participate in the betterment of our globe. PATT has expertise based around reforestation, community development and environmental education. Check out the PATT Foundation online brochure here! SAGE Foundation is the implementing agency for PATT Foundation for tree plantations in India.   Read more

Global Dialogue Foundation

  The Global Dialogue Foundation’s principal purpose is to: Strengthen the role of civil society organizations to promote intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity and inclusion at grassroots level within their own countries and across them globally Initiate and promote dialogue and collaboration for increased understanding among cultures and civilizations globally Maintain the identity of original traditions; fostering their impact on the development of mainstream society Strengthen the voice of the Asia Pacific Region in the debate on dialogue and understanding among peoples and cultures Contribute significantly in supporting the work of the UN Alliance of Civilizations Improve relations within and between… Read more

Rock Your Life

Rock Your Life is about helping you play a bigger game in life. Realising your purpose, what your unique ability is, your fast track to wealth and success. Rock Your Life is about shifting consciousness to abundance for all and its not as hard as you think. They use techniques that are thousands of years old. Many of them you already are aware of, such as Music, but you have never thought of or used them this way. Their experts and faculty are among the best in the world and all of their wisdom is available to you. Rock Your… Read more

Buy 1 Give 1

Buy 1 Give 1

A Simple Solution Changing The World!
By partnering businesses with non-profits on a ‘buy one GIVE one free’ basis, everyone wins including the purchaser; who gets to enjoy giving a gift forward at no cost to themselves, simply by enjoying something they have purchased.

SAGE Foundation has partnered with Buy1Give1Free and has been able to help many charities in India with their continual ongoing support.

… Be Part of the Story

“Giving back, when conceived and executed thoughtfully, creates a win-win scenario for business and the public.”
~ Paul Newman.

“Effective giving is no longer only about how effectively we use the money to serve. It is how we can all be part of the giving in the most inspiring way.”
~ Masami Sato, Buy1Give1 Founder

“In the short time we have on this planet we have the opportunity to live a life beyond the ordinary. An extraordinary life begins with the magic of giving, and ‘Buy1GIVE1Free’ is a global program that ensures your giving and opens your flow.”
~ Roger Hamilton, Asia’s Leading Wealth Consultant and Chairman of XL Results Foundation

Paul Dunn

  Paul Dunn, Chairman of Buy 1 Give 1 Free, explaining the concept.

HSNC Board

The Chairperson of SAGE Foundation is on the Governing Board of The Hyderabad Sind National Collegiate Board which runs 24 Educational Institutes in Mumbai. One of the most prestigious Institutes of the Board is the Thadhomal Shahani Engineering College named after the Shahani Family. The Board has over fifty five thousand students passing out every year in the fields of arts, science, commerce, pharmacy, engineering and business administration. This is a huge pool of human resources and good will ambassadors. The Board has been in existence for over fifty years and has nurtured billions of students Read more

Bombay Mothers’ And Children Welfare Society

The Bombay Mothers & Children Welfare Society is a Public Charitable Trust Established in 1919. It is one of the oldest Institutions, working in the field of Women & Child Health Care since the last 87 years through its four Hospitals and five Day Care Centres. The Trust carries on its activities in the labour areas of Mumbai City and in the rural parts of Maharashtra (Rajgurunagar & Bhilwadi). The charges of the Hospitals are nominal and therefore income is also negligible. The Trust depends on the financial assistance from Charitable Trusts and philanthropists. The donations received have been from… Read more

Women’s Movement for Peace & Prosperity

Indu Jain Chairperson, The Times of India Group, is the motivating force behind this Movement.        Maya Shahani is the Chairperson Emeritus and Founder Trustee of Women’s Movement for Peace and Prosperity. Passionate about promoting quality education, she focuses on a holistic approach to build heart centric business leaders through the Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management.     Ms. Nirmala Samant Prabhavalkar (Patron Trustee) Former Mayor of Mumbai, Nirmala Samant Prabhavalkar is a High Court Advocate and former Chairperson of Maharashtra State Women’s Commission. Her focus lies in implementing Government Schemes specially formulated for Women and Children in… Read more

Cancer Patients’ Aid Association

Maya Shahani is a Patron of the Cancer Patient’s Aid Association. With her active help and support CPAA set up a center for the early detection of cancer named after her mother-in-law Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) is a registered charitable non-governmental organisation (NGO) working towards the Total Management of Cancer as a disease, which includes: ~ Spreading awareness on the dangers inherent in accepted social practices such as chewing of tobacco, early marriage, multiple pregnancies, etc, which are responsible for approximately 70% of cancers in India. ~ Initiating steps for the early detection of cancer since treatment at this… Read more

Priyadarshini Academy

Priyadarshni Academy is a well-established institution fostering the growth and development of social and educational aspects of society. The Academy has been founded on sound principles of working constructively towards lofty ideals. For twenty two years now, the Academy has grown from strength to strength adding on new areas. The activities of the Academy are broad-based. It is engaged in socio-cultural and educational activities and has been holding the biennial award function since its inception in 1984. Priyadarshini Academy honours outstanding national as well as international achievers. Each awardee in some way or the other has contributed to society through… Read more