Rock Your Life

rock-your-lifeRock Your Life is about helping you play a bigger game in life. Realising your purpose, what your unique ability is, your fast track to wealth and success. Rock Your Life is about shifting consciousness to abundance for all and its not as hard as you think. They use techniques that are thousands of years old. Many of them you already are aware of, such as Music, but you have never thought of or used them this way. Their experts and faculty are among the best in the world and all of their wisdom is available to you.

Rock Your Life has partnered with SAGE Foundation to implement the setting up of a model village in India which could be replicated in any part of the globe. This project was given recognition at the Clinton Global Inititiative and is supported by the Clinton Team.

Rock Your Life also presented the Entrepreneur Business School at the Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management, and brought Glen Levy, the most dangerous man on earth, to India to teach women the art of self protection.

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