Priyadarshini Academy

Priyadarshni Academy is a well-established institution fostering the growth and development of social and educational aspects of society. The Academy has been founded on sound principles of working constructively towards lofty ideals.
For twenty two years now, the Academy has grown from strength to strength adding on new areas. The activities of the Academy are broad-based. It is engaged in socio-cultural and educational activities and has been holding the biennial award function since its inception in 1984.

Priyadarshini Academy honours outstanding national as well as international achievers. Each awardee in some way or the other has contributed to society through their respective fields.

Maya Shahani, Cairperson of SAGE Foundation is on the Education Committee of Priyadarshni Academy.
Two annual scholarship are given from Shahani Trust for meritorious Engineering students in the memory of the founder Trustee Dada K.T. Shahani through the Priyadarshni Academy.

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