SAGE school of creative crafts

Conceptualized by Renu Kapoor, The Sage School of Creative Crafts will be Sage Foundation’s most innovative initiative. Known for being a first mover and extremely futuristic in its vision Sage has decided to integrate the Craft College into its macro vision of providing Global Academics and Empowerment.

Indian Craft is one of India’s largest and untapped resource and is poised to be the next new industry. It is currently the second largest employment sector providing employment to almost 7 million people, a vital and yet unknown fact. Based on its own natural resources and its strategic location, India has acquired a vast knowledge of materials and indigenous skills .

The management of these skills will require a fresh review and appreciation on a scale that is comparable to other countries in applications and which are absolutely diverse from its current predictable state. The Sage School of Creative Crafts (SSCC) is an ambitious yet practical and realistic endeavor in precisely this direction.

As part of its process of converting its business plan into reality SSCC has decided to launch the school with a two month program of one craft and twenty students. Women from the villages adopted by SAGE will be counseled and invited to enroll for the two month program

Aim of the program – to provide an infrastructure for fulfilling the need of quality training for the Indian craft industry. It is proposed to eventually establish a a full fledged training institute which will impart training in various crafts. This program is a pilot program. The training would focus on aspects such as product & design, quality standardization, market research, production tools & techniques, export modalities, business management skills and others.

Providing an alternate career opportunity Sage foundation will provide a platform to facilitate these candidates in creating markets for their products .Talks will be initiated with Ebay, Blue Banyan, Sandhi and other marketing agencies.

SAGE believes in equity in education. With this objective in mind, and considering the interest generated in these courses, the skills training would be open to all strata of society including enthusiasts from overseas. However, there will be a large percentage of village students enrolling who will be sponsored through donations.

Total sponsorship required ( for the 2 month course for 20 students) – Rupees Five lakhs  (Rupees 5,00,000/-) USD 10,000/- Donors could also sponsor a person identified by them.

Micro credit Finance – It is proposed that an amount of Rupees five hundred (USD 10/-) will be taken from each sponsored candidate for their training. The balance amount will be recovered from the candidate in a slow, staggered and sustainable manner by recovering 10% of all sales that are made by them through the Marketing channel of the Sage Foundation. This process will eventually create a corpus for funding future students and thus fulfill SSCC vision of becoming self sustaining.

Accountability of utilization of funds – A report will be submitted to the donor with details of all expenses and outcome of the activity of each student . Any surplus will be carried forward for the next batch of students.

All funds contributed are exempt from income tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. The SAGE Foundation is entitled to receive contributions in Foreign currency and is registered under the FCRA act.

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