Launch of the Grand Steps Universal School

It was a proud moment for SAGE Foundation when Kamla High School opened the doors of its prestigious pre school “The Grand Steps Universal School” envisioned to impart a truly global learning experience to its young learners. Rekha Shahani, the Principal of Kamla High School, had all the ingredients. The catalyst came in the form of Poonam Mehta, through the intervention of SAGE Foundation, who transformed a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.

The Grand Steps Universal School recognizes the developmental needs of the “whole child”, with equal emphasis placed on physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual growth. The Academic Program at Grand Steps Universal School is based on Global learning orientations, thus preparing its children to pursue education in various international programs available across the globe. There is active participation in an array of projects and competitions ranging from environmental issues, social and community issues to charitable activities. The assemblies are based on prayers of all faiths. Children are encouraged to visit old age homes, physically impaired children, as well as orphanages, thus demonstrating empathy and love for others.

A dynamic curriculum that encourages experiential learning through field trips, excursions and projects ensures that the school remains relevant to demands of International programs. To ensure that the children have a great time at school, Grand Steps has developed Activity Centers to give them an opportunity to express themselves through music and movement, puppetry, movie sessions, dramatics and much more which adds to the joy of learning.

Parents are invited to be partners in the process of imparting education. The school’s “Parent Teacher Association” plans many activities such as workshops, seminars, parent-child picnics, that help to fulfill the vision of bringing families together. Grand Steps believes in listening and learning.

This is the beginning of many other success stories in the field  of education as the momentum picks up.





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