Tree Plantations:

SAGE Foundation with the help of its students from Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management, works with Andy Steele of PATT Foundation which has years of experience in providing corporate social responsibility programs to companies who wish to either offset carbons, or simply participate in the betterment of our globe through tree plantations.

PATT has expertise based around reforestation, community development and environmental education. They offer flexibility for your company’s goals to align with our aims.
Check out their online brochure here and get in touch with SAGE Foundation for tree plantations in India.

environment01Daniel Priestley of Triumphant Events
donated a cheque of 2500 pounds which was utilized for tree plantations and towards construction of a shelter for the homeless children at Shikshan Gram.




environment02Abha Bannerjee speaks about Global Warming at the Live earth Event organized by SAGE Foundation.





environment03Selling of eco friendly products at the
Live Earth Event organised by SAGE Foundation

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