Dreamz Home

SAGE Foundation raises funds for Dreamz Home, a shelter for street children and child beggars, with the help of  Buy1Give1 and individual donors like Poonam Mehta who raised funds for a van for the children to go to school.


The DREAMZ Home was started in the year 2004 by Social Development Centre (SDC) with an aim of providing street children & child beggars with a loving environment in which to grow and mature. Our main behind the formation of the Home was to give these deprived children a platform to lead lives as other privileged children of the society.
The inmates of the DREAMZ Home are being educated in formal English & Marathi medium school and are also provided with the best of educational, food, accommodation, clothes and health & hygiene and sanitation facilities.Objectives of the Dreamz Home:* Preventing child beggars from begging on streets for daily means.
* To accommodate destitute children in deep crises.
* To accommodate children of widows who are unable daily meals and education to their children.
* To accommodate children of single-parent(*Wedow’s will have first priority).
The children of the “DREAMZ” Home are also made aware on the advantages of maintaining cleanliness, taught to be well mannered in behavior and encouraged to be neatly dressed in school as well as home. The “DREAMZ” Home has 35 street children/child beggars/destitute children who as inmates of the Home. The children are accommodated in two homes for the boys and girls respectively.
The Girls are currently residing in Malad (East) whereas the boys are residing in the Malad (West) centre.



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