Adoption of Villages

SAGE Foundation has adopted villages in the Lonavala and Rajgurunagar areas, on the outskirts of Mumbai and Pune. SAGE facilitates and enhances the good work already being done by Shikshan Gram and Bombay Mothers and Children Welfare Society.

A fund raising drive started to raise funds for the construction of the Shelter for the Homeless Children at Shikshan Gram resulted in a tie up with the Kothari Foundation to complete the construction of  the Tara Girl’s Home. Funds will be given by the Kothari Foundation in perpetuity for the education and upkeep of the girls.

Buy1Give1, a global fund raising organization founded by Masami Sato and Paul Dunn, donates generously through SAGE Foundation towards the educational and medical needs of our village and slum children. SAGE is grateful to them for their continuous help and support.

At Rajgurunagar, SAGE Foundation transformed a tribal school completely with the help of Tiamara Williams’ organization Transforming Lives Global. The funds were given by Martin Jimmink and Mike Handcock. This was so inspirational that many other donors came forward  to transform other tribal schools in the area. This way SAGE creates a snowballing effect in its efforts to improve villages and was awarded a certificate of appreciation by President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative.







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