Unity in Diversity Lecture : Doing Business in a Multicultural World





Unity in Diversity Lecture : Doing Business in a Multicultural World

The Inaugural Lecture of the UNAOC Series was held by our Centre for Management in Mumbai,a Management Institute which realizes that cross-cultural training for managers is vital.
To emphasise the importance of promoting multiculturalism in businesses, Centre for Management invited two awesome guests for the inaugural lecture, entitled “Doing Business in a Multicultural Environment”, under the auspices of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and in partnership with Global Dialogue Foundation.


Paul Dunn an Australian, and Masami Sato a Japanese, by their very presence, underlined the fact that embracing multiculturalism has helped their business. By coming together they
created an enormously successful company called Buy1 Give 1 which has helped hundreds of cultures across the world just by the sheer act of GIVING. Its their love and compassion that has brought people together irrespective of their color or creed.
Paul and Masami have travelled around the world, speaking, mentoring and inspiring hundreds of thousands of business people from different cultures and backgrounds. Paul’s audio and video programmes are in use by over 156,000 businesses around the world.
The first lecture series on Multiculturalism in the Business world was a huge success due to the topicality and immediate need of such an environment in today’s fast changing world.
The world is changing like never before. With businesses going global, accompanied by unprecedented levels of international travel and social networking, the rapidly changing scenario has created enormous challenges and opportunities.
The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) recognizes this and is working very closely with Global Dialogue Foundation at grass root levels to create a Unity within this great Diversity.
One way of doing this is to have an ongoing lecture series to create an awareness of the changing dynamics in a multicultural environment. The UNAOC aims through this lecture series, to give impetus to the idea of supporting cross-cultural understanding, inspire other businesses to scale up efforts, and provide the foundation for new activities.
Business has become a critical force in support of cultural understanding – building bridges between cultures and people by offering the prospect of economic opportunity. Culturally diverse workforces can indeed be a key factor in overall business success.


Bridging divides helps keep the peace. It also gives the economy a boost by making societies more stable for investors. That is why the Alliance is working with the UN Global Compact to help corporations foster tolerance. Businesses know that in today’s globalized world, they have to be able to compete in multicultural environments.

Secretary General of the United Nations Mr Ban Ki-Moon

The United Nations Global Compact is the largest corporate citizenship and sustainability initiative in the world and has more than 6000 participants from over 130 countries, all aspiring to embrace universal values while respecting cultural diversity.


Developing a new generation of leaders with global perspective and understanding is identified by the Centre as one of the leading challenges of corporate learning. This increasing global interconnectedness has several implications for business.
Keeping this in perspective, Centre for Management is affiliated with 74 Universities globally and recognized in 120 countries through the Association of Business Executives. It has made intercultural understanding a core theme of its programmes and has as its in-house CSR wing, the SAGE Foundation, which is focused on helping communities at grass-root levels.

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