Strengthening the role of Civil Society to promote intercultural dialogue, diversity and inclusion- Baku 2013

Centre For Management & SAGE Foundation Chairperson (Maya Shahani) speaks at United Nations Forum in Baku.


At the 2nd World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue in Baku (29th May – 1st June), the Global Dialogue Foundation (GDF) together with the UN Alliance of Civilizations, the Government of Azerbaijan and Civil Society champions from Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, India, Macedonia, Nigeria, Romania met for a consultative meeting with the UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations, H.E. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser to discuss the creation of Civil Society Country Chapters for the Alliance of Civilizations.

The presenting NGOs were SAGE Foundation, Scheherazade Foundation, Youth Organization Shpresa, International Leadership Institute and Nigeria Network of NGO’s and Cultural Infusion.

A UNAOC country chapter is an assembly of civil society organization from a country who are connected to the UNAOC, its mission, its programs and its partners with a purpose to strengthen the role of civil society organization to promote intercultural dialogue, diversity, and inclusion at the grassroots level.

It was decided to review the proposal to create Civil Society country chapters for the UNAOC as a key tool to develop intercultural interventions around the world. The meeting was attended by participants from the academia, private sector, governments, a member of parliament of Azerbaijan and various NGOs from around the world.

Ms. Mezoui, Senior Advisor on Humanitarian Affairs and Civil Society to the UNAOC High Representative recognized the role played by GDF in local communities to assist in the implementation of the UNAOC activities. She will follow up on the modalities of such cooperation, encouraging bringing forwards such a creative proposal.

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