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SAGE Foundation launched Mike Handcock’s Dreamcatchers in a packed auditorium at Sophia Bhabha, Mumbai

Dreamcatchers follows the story of 9 individuals all of whom come from very different backgrounds, families and ethnicity. From Laura born in Bakersfield California and a jewellery designer based in Las Vegas to Maya born in Pakistan and living a wealthy lifestyle running her charity in Mumbai India, all the people may seem very different but there is one thing in common. All these people have realized there is a much bigger game to play in this lifetime than the one they have been playing and all of them are manifesting some amazing things for themselves and others.

Mike Handcock and Dave Rogers uncover a law so ancient it has existed since before written history. They also uncover some of the biblical and spiritual prophecy that is the reason these 9 individuals have become who they are. Take Glen Levy who at 12 was losing martial arts contests to 8 year olds and overnight became virtually unbeatable, now being classed by National Geographic as ‘the most dangerous man on the planet’, but who is using his incredible skill as a grand master at age 31 to help people get in touch with who they really are and create incredible lives for themselves.


Dreamcatchers will challenge you at numerous levels of your existing education and experience. It may change who you are or wish to be or you simply may decide that everything you have learnt about the world and life to date is correct and this is not. One thing is for sure, you won’t be able to ignore it.

Shot in 11 countries around the world, from the Tombs of Egypt to the Ice of Alaska Dreamcatchers is part documentary and part ancient story telling. See it for yourself and you decide:

Who are you really?

This movie is not full of ‘gurus’. It is full of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
Mike Handcock (www.rockyourlife.net)
Dave Rogers (www.coachdaverogers.com)
Maya Shahani (http://www.thesagefoundation.com/
Laura Johnson (www.designsbylala.com)
Vireak Soung (www.greenelephanttravel.com)
Don Tolman (www.dontolman.com)
Glen Levy (www.thatninjaguy.com)
Ngahi Bidoir (www.ngahibidois.com)
Pece Gorgievski (www.globaldialoguefoundation.org)
Rachelle Starr (www.rachelle-starr.com)
Jennifer Wilson

For dates time and location in your city – click on the relevant link below:

Premiere in your city:

Christchurch, New Zealand – 23rd February
Wellington, New Zealand – 24th February
Auckland, New Zealand – 25th February

Perth Western Australia – 27th February
Adelaide South Australia – 1st March
Melbourne, Victoria – 2nd March
Sydney New South Wales – 3rd March
Brisbane, Queensland – 9th March

Bali – 11th March
Jakarta – 13th March
Kuala Lumpur – 14th March
Singapore – 16th March

Shanghai – 18th March
Mumbai- 20th March

Johnannesburg – 23rd March

Cape Town – 25th March

London – 28th March
Manchester – 30th March

Toronto – 6th April
New York – 7th April
Las Vegas – 9th April
Los Angeles – 11th April

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