A Self Defence Program For Women by Hollywood Star Glen Levy

Inviting you for a Unique Opportunity “A Self Defence Program For Women”

With Hollywood Star Glen Levy
Brought to you by Centre for Management (Business School of the Future)

on Monday, 20th May from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Seminar Hall, 5th floor, CFM Campus, Thadhomal Shahani College,
Off Linking Road, Bandra West


Tuesday, 21st May from 3.00pm to 6.00pm
Martial Magic of Chokes
at Birla Wellness Centre, Queens Mansion,
Fort, Mumbai 400020

In these days of escalating violence against women a national outrage is fast building up in our country.

CENTRE FOR MANAGEMENT strives to give hands on solutions for real life problems and has started a movement for self defence of women. With this in mind CFM has invited Glen Levy, well known Hollywood and TV Martial Arts Star, to be in Mumbai to train women on how to protect themselves from unpredictable violent attacks.

Glen Levy was featured in National Geographic’s best rating series ever ‘Fight Science’ where they named him the ‘most dangerous man on the planet.’ At 74 kg it is hard to believe he packs a punch of 12,986psi (six times that of Mike Tyson) and with over 1,000,000 You Tube hits Levy is certainly popular for his martial arts ability.

Doubling actors like Brad Pitt and working on films such as Lord of the Rings, Posiedon, Underworld, Troy and other household names, Levy is a complete martial artist with seven black belts.

To find out more about Glen Levy’s India tour please go to www.rockyourlife.net

At Glens womens protection workshop at Centre for Management, participants will learn:
– Defense theory and practical applications.
– Explanation and discussion of whats being taught about self defense at present.
– The Do’s of Personal Protection.
– Attacker psychology.
– Anatomical targets to attack.
– A selection of Self Protection worst case techniques.

At the Yash Birla Centre Glen will be teaching a chokes masterclass.

Participants will learn:
-The dos and donts of chokes.
-The difference between Air and Blood chokes.
-The practical theory of choke positioning.
-How to choke without strength and why.
-Six of Glens favorite chokes.
– Entry techniques to apply chokes.

This is a workshop so everyone should be wearing clothes they are comfortable to train in, as we will all be practicing.

Glen’s events are fast filling up. We have limited seats so please send a reply at your earliest to confirm your participation.

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