United Nations Alliance of Civilizations

UNITY IN DIVERSITY FORUM, KERALA The second session of the “Unity in Diversity” Forum, an initiative of Global Dialogue Foundation, and convened under the auspices of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), was held in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala India from 6-8 February 2011. (L-R: Adv. K.K. Sarachandra Bose- Chairman Unity in Diversity & Global Dialogue Foundation, Mrs. Maya Shahani-Vice Chairperson Unity in Diversity & Global Dialogue Foundation, Chairperson SAGE Foundation, Mr. Jean-Christophe Bas- Senior Adviser-Strategic Development and Partnerships, United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, The Hon’ble T. Balakrishnan- IAS Additional Chief Secretary Government of Kerala, His Highness Shri Padmanabhadasa Uthradom Tirunal… Read more

Mumbai – Dreamcatchers Bollywood Launch

We just finished the Mumbai launch of the movie. The biggest so far. Around 1500+ people engaged two sessions at the rustic theatre Sophia Bhabha Hall. There were dignitaries, like the chief of police (which helped for crowd control), senior government officials and Bollywood movie stars and the icons of Industry. When local star of Dreamcatchers ‘Maya Shahani‘ graced the screen with her amazing presence the whole audience erupted in applause, which led to a standing ovation.   Back to Mumbai. The reaction was…out of this world. I have literally hundreds of people coming to me telling me the movie… Read more

Dreamcatchers Movie

SAGE Foundation launched Mike Handcock’s Dreamcatchers in a packed auditorium at Sophia Bhabha, Mumbai Dreamcatchers follows the story of 9 individuals all of whom come from very different backgrounds, families and ethnicity. From Laura born in Bakersfield California and a jewellery designer based in Las Vegas to Maya born in Pakistan and living a wealthy lifestyle running her charity in Mumbai India, all the people may seem very different but there is one thing in common. All these people have realized there is a much bigger game to play in this lifetime than the one they have been playing and… Read more

Windows of the World Exhibition Showcasing SAGE

Windows of the World Exhibition held at Melbourne Square, Australia on the 12th September, 2009 engaged major cities of the  world as it showcased projects addressing social and environmental challenges. It provided a window through which other cultures could be seen, understood and appreciated as a mutual reaching out towards living peacefully in this world, and indeed, for the survival of life on our planet. Windows of the World represents active support for the developement of a new and more humane existence, where environmental sustainability, spiritual fulfillment and social justice become the guiding principals of our time. Pauline Crosbie of BumbleBee Creations, and… Read more

SAGE and Women’s Empowerment

SAGE Foundation has hosted several events on Women’s Empowerment as the Directors of SAGE Foundation are firm believers in the empowerment of women.   Corporate Social Responsibility makes business sense. Kavita Kapoor gives a talk.         SAGE Foundation hosted Lushin Dubey’s play on Women’s Empowerment which was highly appreciated by the audience. Read more