Do One Thing For Diversity and Inclusion

21 May, World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) in partnership with UNESCO and a wide coalition of partners from corporations to civil society is launching the world campaign “Do One Thing for Diversity and Inclusion”, aimed at engaging people around the world to Do One Thing to support Cultural Diversity and Inclusion. SAGE Foundation and Centre for Management have partnered with the UNAOC for their ‘Do one Thing for Diversity’ initiative. Please forward this amongst your networks. Following the adoption in 2001 of the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity the UN… Read more

Need for Electoral Reforms

Holding free and fair elections is one of the biggest management exercises. Centre for Management and its CSR arm The SAGE Foundation have joined hands with Money Life Foundation and V Citizens Action Network Foundation to help the Chief Election Commissioner to bring in Electoral Reforms. Please join us in large numbers on the 27th of March 2011 at 5.00 pm at Nehru Centre to strengthen the hands of Mr. Dr SY Quraishi Chief Election Commissioner.   Please Join us to listen to Chief Election Commissioner Dr SY Quraishi on ‘Democracy at Crossroads – Need for Electoral Reforms’ Dr SY Quraishi is going… Read more

SAGE Foundation becomes part of Clinton Global Initiative!

Maya Shahani, Chairperson of SAGE Foundation, was recently invited to be part of the Clinton Global Initiative established by former President Bill Clinton. This initiative, aims to turn pioneering ideas into viable solutions to urgent global challenges, bringing together international leaders from government, the private sector, NGOs, the media, and academia to make “Commitments to Action” that impact lives around the world. Clinton Global Initiative attendees have included U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Tony Blair, Kofi Annan, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Condoleezza Rice, Rupert Murdoch, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Sergey Brin, Muhammad Yunus and many other current and former heads… Read more

The SAGE School of Creative Crafts

Conceptualized by Renu Kapoor, The Sage School of Creative Crafts is Sage foundation’s latest and most innovative initiative. Known for being a first mover and extremely futuristic in its vision Sage has decided to integrate the Craft College into its macro vision of providing Global Academics and Empowerment. Indian Craft is one of India’s largest and untapped resource and is poised to be the next new industry. It is currently the second largest employment sector providing employment to almost 7 million people, a vital and yet unknown fact. Based on its own natural resources and its strategic location, India has… Read more

SAGE Tours

Visit the REAL India and have a ‘real-life’ experience India….where the rich get richer…and the poor get poorer… can we bring them closer? Sage Foundation is committed to finding ways to make this happen. By giving enlightened education to children and wealth generating skills training to their families. By adopting slums and villages. SAGE Foundation and Rock Your Life Bring the world to India through Rock Your Life Tours – India. Come, experience India like you have never experienced before stay in our villages and help us to build schools and craft centers. Teach and feed our children, train teachers,… Read more