unac-1-300x213Bridging Cultures: Building Peace & Development
6-8 FEBRUARY 2011


The Global Dialogue Foundation principal purpose is to:


unac-2-300x266Initiate and promote dialogue and collaboration for increased understanding among cultures and civilizations.

Maintain the identity of original traditions; fostering their impact on the development of mainstream society.

Strengthen the voice of the Asia Pacific Region in the debate on dialogue and understanding among peoples and cultures.

Contribute significantly in supporting the work of the UN Alliance of Civilizations in the Region.

As ordinary citizens from beautiful planet Earth, we will try in an ordinary manner to articulate what we think is important for humankind in general, as well for our planet as a unique living entity in it’s own way, and with appropriate friendly actions, try to help others with dialogue.

On behalf of Global Dialogue Foundation, we believe that;

Dialogue is and should be the way of developing this world towards a brighter future
Without dialogue, we cannot be understood and helped as we deserve at the right time and place.

We will not know about the needs of others or express our own needs to others, therefore cannot solve issues timely, correctly and friendly, unfortunately leading to complications inter-connected with humankind and society.

The increasing diversity of our societies – be it ethnic, linguistic, religious or cultural – is indeed generating anxiety among populations, driving communities apart and putting peace, development and democracy under mounting pressure.

New technology and new media are connecting people around the world in ways we could not imagine just a decade ago. The ongoing development of information and communication technologies is raising our awareness that we are all part of a global community. At the same time, they make it easier to learn about the social and economic disparities that are widening within and between countries.

People are often unprepared to cope with changes that are now occurring in an increasingly complex and interdependent world.The global development agenda cannot be achieved by only focusing on economic and social indicators or factoring in the impact of climate change.

The true potential for economic and social development cannot be achieved without the peaceful coexistence of cultures. Good governance, therefore, involves respecting diversity and finding ways to incorporate intercultural dialogue into the governmental policies and strategies that aim to play a role in achieving peace and development.




unac-5-300x225We believe that not only the Buddhist, but also the Atheist, the Muslim, the Orthodox, the Catholic, the Jew and the Protestant and so on aim to live a comfortable safe, peaceful life, to enjoy themselves and be happy with their families, relatives, their inheritance, and that they all feel love and sorrow, joy and grief equally. Even our anatomic structure is the same, although our outer appearance differs in details, which is a drop in the ocean in comparison to what unites us.

Only with this kind of well balanced material and spiritual level society, and only along this kind of well balanced spiritual/material path, and with dialogue, humankind can finally start to build its own future with past negative experiences as the driving force for creating a better, brighter sustainable environment and a safer World as a masterpiece of all, as ordinary citizens from beautiful planet Earth.

If you would like to participate or submit a project for review, please write to the Board of Directors via email; info@globaldialoguefoundation.org.

For more details click on the link given:- www.unaoc.org / www.globaldialoguefoundation.org


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