picture1It’s not often you get an opportunity to step up and make a real difference while experiencing travel and adventure in a land of paradox. This is exactly what we are inviting you to do when you join us on this incredible journey of the heart in India.

You will experience India like you have never dreamed before on the most unique, inspiring and soul fulfilling travel adventure.

SAGE Journey to India is no glossy travel itinerary. Come with us to experience India at the grass roots level. This journey will be one of the most profound of your life and stay with you forever. Simply by being on this tour you will save lives and give people hope for perhaps the first time ever. We will combine social responsibility with the adventure of the real India, far from the India seen from a luxury coach.

Day One: Saturday 5th March

Your adventure starts in Mumbai – which is the thriving hub and gateway to India. Gifted by Portugal to Charles II of England as a dowry when he married Catherine of Braganza, Mumbai is a cultural melting pot and bustling urban metropolis combined with incredible poverty. A city of over 13 million people and without the infrastructure to support its growth its surprising anything can be achieved here, but it is and its absolutely thriving.

Mumbai derives its name from the temple of Kali Goddess Mumba or Maha Amba. Aai in Marathi means mother.

You will be collected from the airport and driven to the Godwin Hotel (a comfortable 3 star hotel in South Mumbai). It is likely different members of the group will arrive at different times and it may be in the middle of the night however please ensure you are ready to join us by midday on the 5th- if you are arriving the day before we can arrange accommodation at the same hotel for you. This morning you can relax – walk on the nearby sea front – explore the local streets or simply sit on the rooftop of the hotel and take in the view of the sea and surrounding area.

We will provide you with an easy to read small map of the area to make sure you can find your way back to the hotel if you go walking. Breakfast will be supplied at the hotel.

At 12.30 we will meet on the rooftop for a cold drink, small snack and a brief orientation and introducing ourselves. We will then head off for an Indian style “thali” lunch at the Golden Star Thali. They serve cuisine that comes from the cradles of Gujarat and Rajasthan. It brings to you the spirits, sights and sounds of the people who do India proud with their vibrant colours, their haunting aura, exquisite food and flavours, their dance and their undisputed beauty.

It will be a selection of different regional dishes, served in small bowls on a round tray usually made of steel. Dishes include rice, dhal, assortment of snacks and vegetables, chapati, papad, curd (yoghurt), small amounts of chutney or pickle, and a sweet dish to top it off. Don’t be concerned if you are sensitive to spicy foods – we can arrange for mild dishes for you.

After lunch it’s time to walk some of that food off! We will start our afternoon adventure – which will take us around two hours, from the Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple where we will be shown a short video on Indian history, culture and religion.

We will then go to Mani Bhavan (Gandhi’s residence) a place which will give you a real sense of the power
of one man’s stance for freedom.

picture2-226x300After this memorable visit, we will drive past August Kranti Maidan where Gandhi flagged off his Quit India Movement. A monument commemorating this historical event is currently located in a garden inside the Maidan. The locality surrounding this ground is known as Gowalia Tank. The name “Gowalia Tank” refers to the olden days when there was a water tank situated here where shepherds (”Gowalia” in Gujarati) used to bring their cows and sheep for water. And on via the Babulnath Mandir (Shiva Temple), ascending Malabar Hill, with a view over Chowpatty Beach to the Hanging Gardens, then down to BanGanga.

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