Mike the Messiah

Mike Handcock, Founder of Rock Your Life (www.rockyourlife.net) recently came to India and rocked the lives of hundreds of villagers in the villages adopted by SAGE Foundation. Mike spent quality time with the SAGE team and gave five precious days of his life to understand and interact hands on with the projects undertaken by SAGE. Seeing the vast canvas of SAGE, Mike preferred to go vertical instead of horizontal and decided to focus his energies on the SAGE villages.

The Chairperson of SAGE Foundation, Maya Shahani along with the SAGE team, took him to the Rajgurunagar villages where SAGE has a cluster of 35 villages run by the Bombay Mothers and Children Welfare Society (www.bmcws.org) While visiting one of the schools there Mike observed that there was no light in the classrooms. On inquiring he was told that there is a power shortage in the villages and the light goes off for eight hours every day so the children could not use the computers donated to them, and tailoring classes were being conducted in darkness. Mike immediately wrote out a cheque of Rs. 50,000/- ($ 1250/-) so that the villagers could buy a generator . In the picture Mike is seen handing over the cheque to the vice-chairperson Dr. Dolly of Bombay Mothers’ and Children Welfare Society. He came, he saw and he gave them light !

The second cluster of 65 villages in Panvel had Mike going into ecstacies about the simplicity and beauty of the village folk and the surroundings in which they lived. He saw the rudimentary medical centre and a very basic pre school with innocence abounding. In the second picture Mike is seen looking delighted, surrounded by the angelic children and the supportive SAGE team. He came away feeling blessed and with a heart overflowing with wanting to give.

In Mike’s own words Rock Your Life exists to transform lives and help create wealth above words. Rock Your Life has pledged to raise $ 5,000,000 for SAGE Foundation. This money will go to help establish schools in India, and to help starving children not only to get fed, but to get an education so that they become leaders in their communities as they grow.

Mike is organising SAGE Tours to India which would be an experience of a lifetime. From one of the most vibrant cities on the planet, Mumbai, you will be transported to the poor villages on the outskirts of Mumbai where you would work with the villagers to improve their lives and in turn get enriched. It will be an incredible experience of living with and helping the poor. Take a shovel and dig a well, look after children, be a handiman, sports coach, teacher, mother, strategist or whatever your passion is, it is needed in India. This could be the social experience of your life and you will love every minute of it. Your contribution will also help SAGE Foundation provide much needed education and assistance well after you return to your life. Spend two days in Mumbai, India’s financial capital, where one of the world’s richest industrialists Vijay Mallya lives in a palatial bungalow next door to the slums. Mumbai, a colourful palet of riches and squalor, national and international cuisines, a cultural couldron steeped in history and housing Mani Bhavan, home to the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

For more on SAGE Tours, get in touch with Mike Handcock (mdh@rockyourlife.net) or Maya Shahani (maya@shahanigroup.com)

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