Need for Electoral Reforms

Holding free and fair elections is one of the biggest management exercises. Centre for Management and its CSR arm The SAGE Foundation have joined hands with Money Life Foundation and V Citizens Action Network Foundation to help the Chief Election Commissioner to bring in Electoral Reforms. Please join us in large numbers on the 27th of March 2011 at 5.00 pm at Nehru Centre to strengthen the hands of Mr. Dr SY Quraishi Chief Election Commissioner.   Please Join us to listen to Chief Election Commissioner Dr SY Quraishi on ‘Democracy at Crossroads – Need for Electoral Reforms’ Dr SY Quraishi is going… Read more

Centre For Management won the DNA Innovative B Schools Award for Industry Academic Interface

SAGE Foundation is the CSR arm of Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management, which focuses on creating heart centric business professionals who will be the transformational leaders of tomorrow. Centre For Management (CFM) was given the prestigious DNA Innovative B Schools Award for Industry Academic Interface at a glittering ceremony in Mumbai. These awards select top business schools from all over India and recognize them for the innovative work they do in areas like academics, placements & student marketing. TSCFM and SAGE Foundation Managing Director, Akhil Shahani said, “The main reason for business schools to exist is to create industry ready… Read more

Creating Unity in Diversity at the UNAOC Doha Forum

Maya Shahani, Chairperson of Centre for Management and SAGE Foundation, participated at the UNAOC Forum in Doha on 11th December 2011, in her capacity as Vice Chairperson of Global Dialogue Foundation. Over 2,500 political and corporate leaders, civil society activists, youth groups, faith communities, research centers, foundations, journalists, ministers, and heads of state came together to agree on joint actions to improve relations across cultures, combat prejudice and build lasting peace. Hosted by the ruling Emir of the State of Qatar, the Forum had among its attendees the High Level Group member from Qatar H. H. Sheikha Mozah, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon,… Read more

UNAOC-BMW Group Award for Intercultu​ral Innovation

Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management and SAGE Foundation, as the disseminating partners of UNAOC and GDF send you the latest update on the United Nations/ BMW Award. Please forward this to deserving individuals or organizations who you think will qualify for this prestigious award. Press Release 23 September 2011 UN Alliance of Civilizations and BMW Group sign agreement for the Award for Intercultural Innovation BMW Group to expand its commitment to intercultural understanding The UN Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and the BMW Group are pooling their expertise in the area of intercultural understanding in a joint initiative, the ‘Award for… Read more

Latest development at the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC)

SAGE Foundation has partnered with the UNAOC in order to launch the UNAOC-BMW Award for Intercultural Innovation (“The Award”). This annual Award will identify highly innovative initiatives that are advancing cross-cultural understanding among different communities and cultures around the world. For future recipients of the Award, alongside a monetary prize, winning will mean receiving direct support from the UNAOC and its powerful network composed of civil society, corporate, government, media and foundation partners in order to scale up and replicate them in various settings. By encouraging new intercultural methods and approaches, the Award is unique in its category and offers… Read more

Unity in Diversity Lecture : Doing Business in a Multicultural World

  Unity in Diversity Lecture : Doing Business in a Multicultural World The Inaugural Lecture of the UNAOC Series was held by our Centre for Management in Mumbai,a Management Institute which realizes that cross-cultural training for managers is vital. To emphasise the importance of promoting multiculturalism in businesses, Centre for Management invited two awesome guests for the inaugural lecture, entitled “Doing Business in a Multicultural Environment”, under the auspices of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and in partnership with Global Dialogue Foundation. Paul Dunn an Australian, and Masami Sato a Japanese, by their very presence, underlined the fact that… Read more

Paul Dunn and Masami Sato Visit Shikshan Gram

In the middle of the monsoon, a fine morning is very unusual For the rains to hold off for almost a whole day, just about unheard of.  But last week on the 28th, a group of very important visitors came to Malavali to visit the children at Shikshan Gram.  And the rain held off. This was a day of bringing together the links that have been formed many years ago – as friends came together to join forces.  Maya and Akhil Shahani and 30 sudents and faculty from their  Centre for Management brought Paul Dunn and Masami Sato from Singapore to visit. … Read more

United Nations Alliance of Civilizations

UNITY IN DIVERSITY FORUM, KERALA The second session of the “Unity in Diversity” Forum, an initiative of Global Dialogue Foundation, and convened under the auspices of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), was held in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala India from 6-8 February 2011. (L-R: Adv. K.K. Sarachandra Bose- Chairman Unity in Diversity & Global Dialogue Foundation, Mrs. Maya Shahani-Vice Chairperson Unity in Diversity & Global Dialogue Foundation, Chairperson SAGE Foundation, Mr. Jean-Christophe Bas- Senior Adviser-Strategic Development and Partnerships, United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, The Hon’ble T. Balakrishnan- IAS Additional Chief Secretary Government of Kerala, His Highness Shri Padmanabhadasa Uthradom Tirunal… Read more


Bridging Cultures: Building Peace & Development KERALA, INDIA 6-8 FEBRUARY 2011 The Global Dialogue Foundation principal purpose is to:   Initiate and promote dialogue and collaboration for increased understanding among cultures and civilizations. Maintain the identity of original traditions; fostering their impact on the development of mainstream society. Strengthen the voice of the Asia Pacific Region in the debate on dialogue and understanding among peoples and cultures. Contribute significantly in supporting the work of the UN Alliance of Civilizations in the Region. As ordinary citizens from beautiful planet Earth, we will try in an ordinary manner to articulate what… Read more


It’s not often you get an opportunity to step up and make a real difference while experiencing travel and adventure in a land of paradox. This is exactly what we are inviting you to do when you join us on this incredible journey of the heart in India. You will experience India like you have never dreamed before on the most unique, inspiring and soul fulfilling travel adventure. SAGE Journey to India is no glossy travel itinerary. Come with us to experience India at the grass roots level. This journey will be one of the most profound of your life… Read more