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Windows of the World Exhibition Showcasing SAGE

Sunday, October 4th, 2009 | 67 Comments

Windows of the World Exhibition held at Melbourne Square, Australia on the 12th September, 2009 engaged major cities of the  world as it showcased projects addressing social and environmental challenges. It provided a window through which other cultures could be seen, understood and appreciated as a mutual reaching out towards living peacefully in this world, and indeed, for the survival of life on our planet.

Windows of the World represents active support for the developement of a new and more humane existence, where environmental sustainability, spiritual fulfillment and social justice become the guiding principals of our time.

Pauline Crosbie of BumbleBee Creations, and Peter Gorgievski of Global Dialogue Foundation reached out to SAGE Foundation and helped showcase rugs made by the Mumbai slum dwellers as gifts for the school children affected by the bush fires. Furrah Syed, Brand Ambassador of SAGE Foundation, presented the rugs. Based on this goodwill gesture, Pauline will help market SAGE products globally.

SAGE Foundation/Bumblebee presentation by Furrah Syed (with the microphone), daughter Sophiya (SAGE ambassadors who flew to Melbourne for the event) and Pauline Crosbie (far left) present artwork by SAGE Villages to Melbourne fire affected school principal. A precious moment.










 Bollywood Night at Melbourne                                                Glimpses of Windows of the World Exhibition














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