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Global Shipment Update

Thursday, April 16th, 2009 | No Comments

Global Shipment Update

Our project”Global Shipment” is being featured at a Melbourne exhibition at Federation
Square (City Center) between 11-24 August 2009.
We!re preparing a 40 foot container outfitted with medical equipment which we!re donating to SAGE Foundation. You!ll be able to keep the container and use it as a mobile medical facility. The container will be on display for the 2 weeks at the exhibition.

The purpose of the exhibition

• Present Global Shipment as a major initiative, among others aimed at addressing and solving
issues of local and global importance, interest, challenges and concerns in this world of change,
• Raise awareness, engagement and support from individuals and organizations, both government
and/or non-government, profit and or non profit organizations, corporations, foundations,   individuals, as well communities on local and global levels (sponsorship included);
• Initiate, promote, inspire and establish new more human ways of dealing with problems and
individuals and at the same time, educate action groups with importance of more social and human
approach towards problems based on dialogue, respect of each and every identity, culture, faith,
needs and new opportunities raising from this new more human and more social global
engagement, analyzing and resolving/solving mutual problems for brighter future;
• Connect with multiple cities around the world via large city screens or via a similar appropriate
method for showcasing our as well other visions and efforts for uniting Humanity, and vice versa
(initiatives of other countries on our big screens, focussing on and emphasizing interactive and
interconnected address and dealing, sharing and solving new and old problems. Whether on local
or global level in a time of crisis, raised from a new changed world and environment, and/or
ongoing well known problems, with the aim to help friends in need as well, increasing their
standards of living and achieving balanced development of this world, bravely face and embrace
opportunity in this time of crisis and solve the pending issues for brighter and safer future.

The initiatives presented

• Unconditionally distributing-redistributing/shipping/transporting needed “material” for a balanced
   developing world via - “Global Shipment” project
• Global village development- “SAGE Foundation”
• Environmental sustainability, among other areas for a better world - “Be The Change,
• Culture in Community
• Faith
• Integrity in workman/craftsman-ship

Key items in the lead up:

• We!d like to ship 30-40 or more containers of donated medical and dentist equipment to India,
   Africa and Latin America. The equipment is currently in storage and available to us.
• Engage 200 schools to commit to a sustainable project for their own school and/or community.
   Participating schools will have their school name on the inside of the container.
• Attract sponsorship.


• We!d like to feature the work and words of great leaders such as Mr. Bill Clinton, or/and Mr. Tony
Blair, His Holiness Pope Benedikt XVI, Mr. Nelson Mandela, and/or others on the big screens in
Melbourne and around the world. They each could possibly do a short presentation about their
organizations/foundations and at the same time, acknowledge the efforts in Melbourne and foster
similar around the world for coming together for Humanity. They!re presence on screens around
the world can be quite inspiring and moving towards action. There was quite some excitement
around our meeting last Wednesday at the thought/mention of this happening.
• We (I/Global Dialogue Foundation/I) are working on raising funds for launching Global Shipment,
i.e. shipping donated goods. It!d be great if we can access funds for stepping it up and possibly
delivering a few dozen containers with medical equipment to areas in India, Africa and Latin
America between now and August… and then screen video with a thousand expressions of thanks,
love and appreciation from the local people and children in those underdeveloped countries to the
developed world… right around the world. Our goal is raising $300k before June for achieving this
start. After that, our goal is advancing the project considerably with a view to engaging as many of
the idling ships as possible. The global shipping volumes are reportedly down between 30 and
40%. There!s quite a lot of available capacity.

Some pictures and other exhibition information:

• This is the area where the container will be staged i.e. facing Flinders Street, at the corner of
Swanston Street, absolute Melbourne City Centre; 









 • The big screen pictured below (top left) is available to our group for 4 hours every Tuesday
beginning 11th August, for 6 weeks.






• The main outdoor area of Federation Square. Most of the showcasing will be in this area. The
screen is just beyond the top right of this picture.







Several surrounding restaurants (E.g. as pictured below) will facilitate various public speakers and
action group meetings. 










The container below was recently donated to Africa. It now serves as an education facility. 




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